Non-NHS Private Fees

We understand that people sometimes need letters or reports completing to support situations in their life. 

Although we are not obliged to undertake this work and have the right to say no to these requests we will try to help were we have the resources and capacity.

The timescale to complete this additional work can vary and in some cases may take more than a month to complete as we prioritise clinical NHS work for our patients.

We will do our best to give you an estimated timescale at the time the request is made.

Important: Passports

Please note we do not sign passports.

Non-NHS Fee List

Insurance/Life Assurance:

  • GP Examination - £80
  • GP Report (No examination) - £84
  • Private Sick notes - £10
  • Private Prescriptions - £10
  • Holiday Cancellation form - £20
  • Certificate of Incapacity - £20
  • Fitness to Travel Certificate - £20

Accident and Sickness Insurance Medicals:

  • Full examination and report - £120
  • Report (No examination) - £80
  • HGV/PSV - £62

Confirmation of Registration Details:

Simple letter confirming registration details - £5


Bespoke letter - fee to be decided by clinician

Why do GPs sometimes charge?

Some services are not covered by the NHS such as insurance reports and examinations.

Prescription charges have existed since 1951.

GPs are not employed by the NHS, they are self-employed and have to cover their costs such as heating, lighting, staffing like any small business. The NHS covers these costs for NHS work but for non NHS work GPs have to charge a fee to cover these costs.


Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer to:
Sefton Park Medical Centre
s/c: 09-01-29
acc: 41010341

please use your name as the payment reference for bank transfers