Test Results

You can obtain your test results:

  • By telephone – You can call us on 0151 295 8700 after 1pm for your test results. Please be aware that reception staff are not medically trained, they can only read out what the doctor has written when marking your results. If you have any questions regarding your results, please book a routine appointment with the doctor or nurse.
  • Online – You can access test results through your NHS account or NHS app.

Normal Results

We will only contact you if your results show that you need follow up action. We will not contact you following a normal test result unless the tests were part of an annual review.

Booking an appointment to discuss test results

Please check all results are back before booking an appointment to discuss them. You can check they are back using your NHS account or by calling us (0151 295 8700) and speaking to our Reception Team.  This is so we have all the information needed when you come to see us. 

Abnormal Results

If a result is abnormal you will usually be notified by telephone, text message or letter.  We may ask you to have the test repeated, to have other tests or see the doctor or nurse to discuss your result further.